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Sunrise Dental Center - Reviews

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Photo of Dee T. 0 friends
2 review
Dee T.

Huntington Beach, CA

Yelp 5 stars dentist

My family has been seeing both Dr. Shaos, a husband and wife dental duo, since they took over Sunrise Dental from Dr. Nader Meher. Our older daughter had four impacted wisdom teeth. She is particularly pain-sensitive. Dr. Steve managed to extricate each tooth painlessly, quickly, and without leaving any bits of bone behind. He sat down with us beforehand and showed us in detail exactly what was going on. He takes calls personally at night and has always called to check on us after a procedure!

I'm currently seeing his wife for orthodontics--at 62, I never thought to have braces again, but my bottom front teeth have been moving into weird angles and making my bite impossible. Dr. Mai is gentle and supportive. I'm looking forward to being able to chew better!

Dr. Steve had to redo an implant done by someone else after only three or four years. This one feels much more solid than the first ever did. Again, absolutely painless. I cannot imagine either dentist or their assistants failing to help clean a patient up--just yesterday I was having impressions done; one finger automatically went up to my mouth and got blue goo on the tip, and I was immediately handed a paper towel without any exchange of words!

We've been very favorably impressed. We've haven't really had great dentists in the past 23 years, here in Huntington Beach. A really good dental practice is hard to find. And this one is state of the art--they have all the bells and whistles to make everything right there. (Except Invisalign braces, of course. No dentist does those in-house.)

So I'm more than glad they decided to make their business here in Huntington Beach where Dr. Steve grew up, and grateful we did happen to find them.

I don't usually do these kinds of reviews; this is only my second one. (The first was about an abysmal pizza place.) This dental office, however, deserves kudos for their professionalism, from top to bottom, and for their genuinely painless dentistry! And, for those who like great aesthetics, the physical office is gorgeous.


Photo of Wendy C.13 friends
1 review
Wendy C.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

yelp dentist


1. Good location (Its in a rly nice plaza next to freeway and its next to Costco! so u can get ur medicine right away!)
2. Nice, Clean and Organize environment
3. High-Tech equipment and good quality of service
4. BEST OF ALL: the doctor (Dr. Steven Shao) has the passion on his quality and cares about his patients! Im happy that i found a dentist that i can trust.

For me, it totally worth an hour drive to get my dental service in SD b/c of all these reasons ;)


Photo of Andrew C.3 friends
1 review
Andrew C.

Diamond Bar, CA

5 star dentist review on yelp


I have been there a couple of times and overall I have great experiences there. First, they have a great group of staff. Dr. Steven and Dr. Mai cares about their patients. They often go the extra mile just to make sure the job is done right. Though at times it feels like they are taking a really long time as compare to other dental offices, but they only do so to make sure everything is right. Dr. Steven and Dr. Mai also explain what is going with my teeth, what they're going to do, and the end result in detail. They also use technologies to help show what they are talking about. Overall it is a great experience going to Sunrise Dental. Although it is a little pricey, but they have great services and caring staff. It only takes once to get work done. I personally think it's worth the money.


Photo of Minh N.friends
22 reviews
Minh N.

 Huntington Beach, CA

 five star yelp dentist


 This place is gorgeous!!! Feels like you are going to a spa. While some people might consider ambiance as not being important. I would prefer to be in a nice soothing environment before having my teeth worked on. Especially from all the apprehension that my friends go through from visiting the dentist! However, since this IS a DENTAL office. I will talk about the dental service I received here. And I would like to stress the word SERVICE. I saw 2 technicians, Morgan and Maggie (like M&Ms, is it appropriate to be referring to candy when doing a dental review?) were really kind and sweet. Once I signed in I only waited a few minutes because i'm anal and like to arrive at my appointments early before I was taken into the back. Seriously I wouldn't have minded waiting a bit longer cuz like I said this place looks like a spa. Nice soothing colors and everything. It even looked better when i went into the back. All the chairs are placed in front of nice flat screens! Morgan got me settled and I waited for the dentist to come out.

Dr. Steven was the dentist. He was also really nice. Just the right amount of chattiness without being annoying. For some reason I always used to get these dentists that loved playing 20 questions while they are trying to clean my mouth. (Super annoying trying to answer questions when you are pulling my mouth in different directions btw) He made me feel comfortable without making me speak much while the work was getting done. BTW the best part about it was the SAME DAY procedure of getting the crown made and placed. I am a busy person, I should not have to visit the dentist twice of something that can be done in 1 sitting, and I was so thankful i didn't have to leave and comeback for the crown to be placed. To say the least I was totally pleased. Additionally, he seemed to do extra care because I didn't feels as much pain as I have had in the past when getting work done.

One of the other great perks of this dental office is that Dr. Steven's wife is also a dentist but she specializes in orthodontics. She was also nice. I didn't have her do my braces since, i had them done in like middle school. There is also another dentist that works on Thursdays that specializes in root canals. It's pretty nice for a family office to have different specialists. This way you don't need to be referred to an outside source when you certain specific work being done.

I would totally recommend this place to other people!


As seen on "Google"


James Wagoner (March 2013)
I can't express how thrilled I am to know Dr. Shao and his team. I've jumped from dentist to dentist, having issues upon issues, and other dentists trying to fix those issues, but Sunrise Dental fixed it all. I've never seen such a knowledgeable dentist and staff, who can not just explain in details what you need to know, but they give you plenty of options and help you out with any questions. I've not only had many of my teeth problems fixed by Dr. Shao, but he's also explained it all to me-- in a way I can understand. I feel so empowered to know what's going on, and how to get things taken care of, quickly and painlessly. Oh, and if it's some added benefit.. I'm able to eat ice cream for the first time in YEARS without it bothering me, thanks to Sunrise Dental.
A Google User
Beautiful high tech office! I was very impressed when the doctor was able to take pictures of my teeth before and after my treatment. Through explanation of treatment. Doctor was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. I was surprised to hear my crown would be done in the same day! Their location was great for shopping while I was waiting for them to design my crown. I was able to walk around the mall and have a light snack before receiving my crown.
A Google User
Sunrise Dental is great. They really stand behind their work and treat you fair.
Liked: Service, Staff
A Google User
It has been many years of trials and errors that I have finally found the dental services that I could trust. Dr. Ong and Dr. Shao both provided the warmest, caring and professional service that I would recommend to anyone who is still seeking for the right dental care.

As seen on ""

Feb 28, 2011
by Don Heath
Everything above... fantastic in everyway! Thank you again!


Aug 13, 2010
Beautiful and high tech office! I was very impressed when the doctor was able to take pictures of my teeth before and after treatment. Through explanation of treatment. Doctor was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. I was surprised to hear my crown would be done in the same day! Their location was great for shopping while I was waiting for them to design my crown. I was able to walk around the mall and enjoy a light snack before receiving my crown.


Jun 23, 2010
by Sue
I can not speak highly enough of Dr Steven Shao and Dr Mai Ong. They are not only highly educated with the latest advancements in dentistry but offer a very warm and welcoming practice when you visit them. The waiting area has a nice relaxing feel to it, which for me who tends to be a nervous patient, this was a huge plus. It totally put me at ease and I actually enjoyed the visit! The technology they offer is incredible. I have never visited a dentist who not only created a crown for me of high quality but to do that in an hour - wow, how times have changed! I would recommend Sunrise Dental to anyone.

As seen on "DemandForce"
  • 5.0
Dr. Steve and Maggie are amazing;...
Mar 1, 2013

Dr. Steve and Maggie are amazing; the attention and care they gave to me was genuine and heartfelt. They go up and beyond to meet your needs and I feel very taken care of. I thank them for that. They are truly the best!

  • 5.0
They are very professinal guys.
Feb 27, 2013
joshk, Fullerton

They are very professinal guys. They provide their service with super method

  • 5.0
very happy with friendly service...
Jan 24, 2013
michaelw, Huntington Beach

very happy with friendly service and excellent work

  • 4.0
Everyone was attentive. They asked...
Dec 21, 2012
minad, Huntington Beach

Everyone was attentive. They asked me if I had any concerns about my teeth and if any teeth were bothering me. Morgan was very gentle while polishing my teeth, and she gave me advice on brushing techniques to maximize the cleanliness and to avoid pain. I had to wait a long time before the dentist saw me, but that was fine. There was only one dentist that day, and the tv was a good distraction.


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