Coffee, Tea and your Pearly Whites

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Coffee, Tea and your Pearly Whites

rinse mouth after coffee tea sunrise dental center orange countyWe know most of you have just got to have your daily coffees and teas; even WE can't live without it ourselves (*wink* to Dr. Steven). But some may not know that these beverages usually wreak havoc on pearly white teeth. The tannic acid (a substance that creates a dark color) in these beverages etches into the grooves and pits of your tooth enamel, staining your pearly whites into a dreary brown.

So what should you do to slow down the taint by these essential beverages on your pearly whites?

Our Doctors suggest that after consuming these beverages, always rinse out your mouth with a glass of water. If you are drinking cold versions of these beverages, always try to use a straw so that these tannis don't come into contact with your upper and lower front teeth.

Besides rinsing after each cup of these beverages, it's in general a good idea to rinse out after every meal (especially if you are not able to brush after each meal). Water will help neutralize acids left in your mouth after eating and reduces cavity-causing bacteria.

Finally, there may come a day where even dutiful prevention like this still cannot eliminate the effects of browning teeth from these beverages. At that time you can consider the options of teeth whitening. But if you follow the easy prevention of simply rinsing regularly, you should be able to stretch out those whitening sessions and save yourself some hard-earned cash.

Until next time... keep up the rinsing. :)


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